Nordic Myths

Gather around the fire to hear ancient wisdom told through modern Nordic voices. Explore the stories, gods and goddesses, runes, archetypes, totems, and lessons learned from deeply connecting with nature. Activate your innate magic.

10 Nordic Goddesses

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Eeva Nordara Nordic Goddesses and Totems online course - Nordic Wisdom
Power of the Wild North

Online course with Eeva Maria Leino
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Guardian Goddesses

10 Nordic goddesses from Finland to Guide & Guard your Path.

Based on ancient Nordic mythology, passed on for millennia via the oral tradition of storytelling, and finally etched to paper in the 1800s. Eeva Maria Leino shares this detailed treasure of little-known yet powerful goddess messages to guide and guard your path.

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Eeva Maria Leino Mythic Goddess Nordic Wisdom
Eeva Maria Leino

Eeva Maria helps you find and deepen your connection with nature, empowered by the female characters of Nordic mythology. 


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Eeva Maria Leino Mythic Goddess Nordic Wisdom
Katja Frange

Katja is a modern mystic on the path of experiencing and teaching shamanistic feminine mysteries.

"Nature will caress your mind and nourish your soul even when times are turbulent."

Eeva Maria Leino

"Nature will caress your mind and nourish your soul even when times are turbulent."

Eeva Maria Leino

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