5 Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet

5 Benefits of a Low-Carb Diet

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Always consult your doctor whenever you are making a drastic change in your diet. You may not always be suited to the diet that you choose. If you’re looking to lose weight, the low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diet is the best for you because it targets your metabolism. In that, you are eating good, clean and tasty food that helps your body function. You are not eating to store weight in your body.

When you are younger, it’s less of a problem. Your metabolism is very fast. So, you burn nearly all of what you consume. As you get older, your metabolism slows down.

That’s why – besides hormonal issues – a lot of mature women find it difficult to lose weight.

Another great motivation for following the LCHF lifestyle is for its health benefits. It helps you feel and look good. In fact, a low-carb diet has been proven by scientific studies to be truly beneficial. Here’s 5 health benefits of a low-carb diet backed up by science!

#1: Weight Loss

Of all the health benefits from a low-carb diet, this is the one a lot of people are very happy about. Many studies and personal stories from low-carb veterans show that weight loss is an effect of going on an LCHF diet. Although weight loss is inevitable in the long run – and usually fastest in the first week – the total weight lost varies between individuals.

#2 Lowers Blood Pressure

For women, the risk of heart disease increases as they get older. It’s the leading cause of death in women over 40, especially after menopausal age. Often, high blood pressure is a precursor to stroke and heart disease. The occurrence of high blood pressure in the population is only a recent phenomenon. This is likely due to poor diet and lifestyle. A healthy blood pressure is not over 120/80.

Treatment for high blood pressure is usually medication. If you have severe high blood pressure, taking medication is the way to go. However, it is common to prescribe medication to those with only slightly high blood pressure. Currently, there is no real evidence to prove that mild high blood pressure would benefit from taking medication.

LCHF diet has been proven to lower blood pressure of individuals who are overweight. This is because higher blood pressure commonly occurs from metabolic syndrome, which is where you are consuming more carbohydrates than necessary.

#3 Reduces Blood Sugar Levels and Lowers Insulin Levels

The LCHF diet has been recommended to patients with Type 2 diabetes. Low carbohydrate intake reduces levels of fasting glucose and glycated hemoglobin. The LCHF diet is even recommended to pre-diabetic individuals. Also, those who have metabolic syndrome are also at risk of diabetes, so they also benefit from LCHF diet.

Individuals with metabolic syndrome are likely to suffer from insulin resistance. Some suggest that there’s a connection between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. Insulin resistance is associated with high levels of insulin in the body. This is called hyperinsulinemia, or the condition of high levels of insulin in the blood. Those with hyperinsulinemia are at risk for heart disease.

Low-carbohydrate diets have been proven by studies to significantly lower insulin resistance compared with other types of diets. Carbohydrate restriction is known to decrease insulin levels in the blood. This is brought about by being ketogenic, or using fats as the body’s fuel. Carbohydrates turn into glucose and insulin, bringing your insulin levels up. That is why your body needs to get used to using fat as fuel so your body is no longer dependent on carbohydrates.

#4 Heart Disease Prevention

Another trigger for heart disease is high serum triglyceride levels. Studies suggest that high levels of this can cause a host of diseases, especially heart disease. On the other hand, you would also be at risk if you have low levels of HDL cholesterol. Another cholesterol associated with heart disease is the LDL cholesterol. These particles occur in different sizes. The healthy ones are large and fluffy, just like a cotton ball. The small and dense LDL particles are connected with a higher risk of heart disease.

All three risk factors for heart disease have one solution – a low- carbohydrate diet. LCHF diet has been proven by a number of studies to lower triglyceride levels dramatically, increase HDL cholesterol levels and affect the LDL particle size. It’s a great deal!

Once again, please consult your doctor if you plan to apply the LCHF lifestyle. The experience will be different for everyone. However, the studies are all in agreement that an LCHF diet has many health benefits. It brings many rewards that are mentioned above and would be mentioned in the future, such as better overall daily mood, higher energy levels, etc.

#5 More Energy

When you eat right, you will feel lighter and have more energy. When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, you often feel sluggish and tired after a meal. What happens is that your body doesn’t feel full quickly. Eating carbs makes you eat more than your body really needs. When you go on an LCHF diet, you would immediately feel full after consuming the right amount of food. Of course, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, your body also slows down to be able to process the carbohydrate into glucose. That’s why after you eat a lot of carbs, such as pasta or pizza, you don’t feel as energized as you should have felt after eating all that food. Feeling sluggish after a meal is not good. It may be satisfying for some, but your body did not evolve for you to feel that way after a meal. Your body is supposed to feel energized.

Going on an LCHF diet lets you eat the right food at the right amount. Afterwards, you will feel like you have so much energy. That is the right feeling after a meal! It will let you feel better about your day. It also gives you the strength to carry out your day’s activities.

By Elviira Krebber, Certified Keto Coach and Certified Nutritional Adviser